Tim McNeely

, Senior Wealth Advisor
Headshot of Tim McNeely

We are excited to welcome Tim McNeely to the Strategy Asset Managers team in Pasadena, California. As a seasoned financial advisor, CEO of LifeStone Wealth Management, and host of the Dental Wealth Nation Show, Tim brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our firm.

Tim is dedicated to helping dental entrepreneurs and successful business leaders make informed decisions about their money. By sharing lessons learned from the Super-Rich, he guides his clients in establishing High-Performing Virtual Family Offices, developing comprehensive wealth management plans, navigating uncertain political and economic environments, and obtaining independent second opinions.

What sets Tim apart is his connection to the dental industry. His wife, Dana Yeoman D.D.S., exposed him to the complexities and frustrations of running a dental practice. This experience inspired Tim to simplify financial matters for busy dentists and entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on their passions and make a positive impact on the world.

Through his Dental Wealth Nation Show, Tim shares valuable insights and strategies to help dental professionals achieve financial success and build a life of significance. His unique perspective on applying strategies used by the Super-Rich has made him a sought-after speaker and a popular guest on leading podcasts.

Tim has shared his expertise with the California Dental Association local components, the Southern California Academy of General Dentistry, and various mastermind and CEO groups. He has also contributed to publications such as Dental Practice Management, Dental Economics, The Kern Business Journal, and DentistryIQ.