Your best tomorrowbegins with agood PLAN.

Wealth Planning

Wealth accumulation shouldn’t be intimidating. And with SAM providing smart planning and a path to reach your goals, you can sit back and watch your assets grow for your retirement and the security of your legacy for future generations.


Investment Planning

Taking in your broader goals for now and the future, SAM will work with you to determine your investment risk profile and custom craft a plan to ensure your portfolio matches your level of comfort. We also review the mix of assets allocated between taxable and tax-deferred assets for better tax optimization, and utilize a “stress test” to determine how your portfolio performs under different market conditions. The unique investment strategy we recommend will complement your estate, gift and philanthropic plans.

Income Tax Planning and Coordination

A key part of any successful wealth planning profile is a smart, sensible approach to tax planning. SAM reviews your prior-year tax returns to understand your historic tax situation. Armed with this knowledge, we can then proceed to develop multi-year income tax projections, review asset allocation opportunities for better tax optimization of your portfolio, and create a plan that includes coordinating further with any business entities you might control or have a taxable interest in, along with how these taxes fit within your estate plan. From there, our advisors implement a cohesive tax strategy that is coordinated with your CPA and other financial advisors.

Core Lifestyle Planning

Do you like travel, or enjoy fine wine? We know that one’s lifestyle is important to factor into a comprehensive financial plan. So we take a very personalized approach to our overall curating of your wealth plan. Reviews your important financial documents and related data, we are able to prepare a detailed net worth statement, including an inventory of your financial assets and liabilities. Seeing where your money is spent, we can craft a comprehensive lifestyle analysis which projects your after-tax cash flow from all sources for the current year through your life expectancy. We apply Monte Carlo simulations to assess the probability of successfully realizing your goals, and develop alternative scenarios, if applicable, to meet your goals and objectives.

Estate, Gift and Philanthropic Planning

The accumulation of wealth carries with it the responsibility to ensure your legacy looks exactly as you would like it to. SAM has extensive experience and a caring touch in this most important part of your wealth plan. We begin by reviewing your existing wills, trusts, powers-of-attorney, and letters of instruction. We document and diagram the flow of assets through your estate plan, including the cash flow available to your surviving spouse and/or heirs. In addition, we can estimate the impact of estate taxes and provide potential planning strategies to ensure your wealth makes the greatest positive impact possible.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Every financial journey is filled with landmines, so it’s important to protect your wealth from unforeseen loss, creditors, litigants and potential lawsuits. This is why our planning includes a comprehensive needs analysis to determine the adequacy and appropriateness of your currently in-force life, disability and long-term care policies, as well as your property and casualty insurance policies, and recommend alternate or additional coverage, when needed. Our advanced planning services also include an assessment of effective legal structures you may be able to take advantage of to limit your exposure to creditors, as well as how those structures fit within your investment, tax and estate plans.