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Virtual Family Office

Take wealth management to the next level with the SAM Virtual Family Office. It’s challenging to meet with four or five separate professionals and have to tell your same story over and over again. With a virtual family office, you have one Wealth Optimizer who takes the time to understand your family, your needs, and your goals. This structure ensures everything is coordinated smoothly and your family’s best interests are consistently taken care of.

The SAM Virtual Family Office Framework

There are three primary components to the SAM Virtual Family Office. All of these work together to create a holistic interconnected framework.


You work with professionals who take the time to understand where you’re coming from on a deeper level. This creates highly personalized strategies and helps you make more informed decisions.


You work with a team of coordinated professionals with advanced capabilities and access to top of the line specialists. This enables us to deliver even the most specialized solutions to meet your unique goals.


This kind of commitment allows us to clearly identify and address mistakes and find overlooked opportunities. Systematic processes are put in place to ensure you stay up to date in your approaches.

Start Advancing Your Wealth Today

You will come away with an actionable plan for your business and personal planning that you can set in motion immediately.