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At SAM, we believe that a highly disciplined team approach paired with prudent asset allocations and sound security selections are the essential ingredients to deliver exceptional performance over market cycles and the longer term.

Approaching wealth from this perspective, SAM can help you put together a plan that sets you up for a future free from worry, so you can enjoy the fruits borne from the seeds of work and family you have planted. Our personalized approach takes in not only your financial landscape, but your values and goals, your lifestyle and interests, and your family profile, to create a thoroughly responsive set of services that is as unique as you are.

Portfolio Management Team

Tom Hulick

CEOManaging Partner
Portrait of Tom Hulick

Joseph Traba

Managing DirectorSenior Portfolio Manager
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Alexander Hagstrom

CFA, Senior AnalystPortfolio Strategist
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Learn more about our investment philosophy and specific approach to the following services:

Institutional Services

Worldwide Equity

A comprehensive 30,000-foot perspective on where you are and where you want to go provides us the roadmap to creating a plan that will grow and preserve your wealth, help you reach your goals and secure a legacy for future generations.

Worldwide Dividend Plus

Our Worldwide Dividend Plus strategy seeks to achieve a more risk-efficient return by investing in a portfolio of 10% to 30% non-U.S. common stocks and 70% to 90% U.S. common stocks. The strategy emphasizes companies with above market dividend yields, consistent payout of dividends and/or the prospect of increasing dividends.

Worldwide Balanced

Our more conservative Strategy Asset Managers Worldwide Balanced strategy will typically hold 25 to 35 stocks with 50% to 80% committed to equities and 20% to 50% invested in short term, laddered bonds including US Treasuries, agencies, and corporates. The equity portion is 70% to 90% invested in domestic equities and 10% to 30% invested in international equities in the form of ADRs.

Market-Oriented Core Equity

Our Market-Oriented investment strategy combines a price driven, proprietary stock selection process with fundamental analysis to choose stocks in the S&P 500 index. It is structured for the long-term investor seeking to outperform the S&P 500 index over a market cycle by investing in an actively managed domestic equity portfolio.

Concentrated Growth

Our Concentrated Growth strategy selects companies with above average growth characteristics and defensible long-term franchises. The portfolio of 90% U.S. / 10% Foreign stocks typically invests in 25-35 highly selective, dominant and emerging companies gaining market share and building high barriers to entry.