Tom Hulick on Investment News: Tech and Health Care to Drive 2024 Market Gains

In a January 2024 interview with Gregg Greenberg on Investment News, Tom Hulick, CEO of Strategy Asset Managers, offered an optimistic forecast for equities in the coming year, predicting that technology and healthcare stocks will lead the charge.

Bullish Outlook for 2024
Hulick described 2024 as potentially one of the best years for equities in decades, driven by rate cuts, tempered inflation, and strong consumer confidence. He projected a possible 10% market gain, consistent with historical returns in election years, emphasizing the opportunities ahead.

Investment Strategy for Long-Term Growth
Despite his positive outlook, Hulick voiced concern that not all investors are ideally positioned to benefit. He advocates for a long-term investment strategy focused on high-quality equities, including dividend-paying and value stocks, which he believes are now more appealing due to recent shifts in interest rates.

The AI Influence and Sectoral Impact
Reflecting on the success of AI-driven stocks in 2023, Hulick predicted that AI will continue to be a major influence in 2024. He highlighted its transformative impact not only in technology but also in healthcare, industrial, and communications sectors. Additionally, he touched on the broader market influence of energy stocks as the market expands.

Health and Wellness Trends
Another highlight was the ongoing impact of weight loss drugs like Ozempic, which have transcended their original purpose as diabetes treatments to become significant weight management solutions. Hulick sees these developments benefiting the health and wellness industry and even influencing sectors like travel.

Cautions Amid Optimism
While enthusiastic about the year’s prospects, Hulick acknowledged risks such as interest rates, inflation, geopolitical tensions, and consumer debt. His advice to clients remains to focus on high-quality stocks and the right sectors to navigate these challenges effectively.

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